Naturam atque Populi

Naturam atque Populi translates to "People and Nature" in Latin. I thought it was a cool title (haha). Naturam atque Populi is a series consisting of three mixed medium paintings that focus on the connection that we share with nature. 

The first piece to start the series off is an Acrylic and Oil painting on 16x20 canvas entitled "People Are Flowers". 

This piece was inspired by a poem I wrote entitled "Henry's Poem". Shown here are the emotions of people in the form of wilting flowers and flowers that are vibrant. "Some are vibrant, some may wilt, Like Flowers, everyone dies, Petal by petal we all may fall off" is a stanza from the poem and sort of best describes what's going on in this piece.

The second piece was also done in Acrylic and Oils using the same dimensions and is entitled "Revenge".

I decided to do something that focuses on how nature feels. The perspective that nature would seek revenge on us for always using it for our own advantages instead of coexisting like we should is the focal point here.

The last piece also done in Acrylic and Oils using the same dimensions and is entitled "I Thought You Loved Me".

This piece is an homage to "Angel and The Serpent" by Evelyn de Morgan c.1875. I wanted to do something that showed beauty and destruction but in a weird balancing way. It shows the trust you put into others as well as the perspective that not everyone deserves your trust. The double headed snakes showcase those perspectives. We often place too much focus into what people are supposed to be to us that we ignore who they are. 

I hope the vibrant colors are enjoyable and I would love to read your own interpretations of each piece. Please, comment your thoughts!

Much love,

Joia B.