Dopamine Garden

This painting is pure Dopamine!!!

I went back to my roots with this painting. I used acrylic paint, which was the first medium I fell in love with. I also paired this piece with the acrylic pouring technique that I've also recently fell in love with.

Details are extremely important to me, so for this piece I used a very tiny, intricate brush for details, highlights, and shadows. The brush I used is by a brand called Amethyst, which is so special because that is my birth stone :). They have the best, multi medium brushes and they can be found at AC Moore.

Working on this piece took about 3 days. Mostly, because I would stop to eat snacks, cook food, or indulge in Netflix shows I've watched a hundred times. But, this was also the most fun I've had with a piece since experimenting with oils these past few


The intricate details presented somewhat of a challenge to me and I was excited to conquer the task. When I do figures, I mainly do them in a larger scale because it is easy to manipulate color to introduce form. Working on such a small scale was a bit challenging because you have to be mindful of the right amount of darks in one area as well as the lights. However, the next time I tackle working in small scale I will try it in oils.

The glitter faces was a lazy decision, I didn't really feel like painting faces on those two figures. But I feel like it went with the theme and made it more fun anyway! I had to paint a face on the sleeping figure; the euphoria she displays could not be portrayed using glitter. I feel her the most!

Anyway, I hope the vivid colors are enjoyable. I like this piece too much to sell the original, so I will get prints made and sell those instead.

Much love,

Joia B.