Happy Juneteenth!

Juneteenth is the oldest what should be a nationally celebrated holiday which was the day that marked the ending of slavery in the United States, 1865. President Lincoln originally signed the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863 but his endeavors weren't recognized until 2 years later!

Many of us celebrate July 4th as Independence Day, fireworks are fun and festivities are nice; but on this day is when we should celebrate OUR independence.

All I ask is that if you are black, an ally, a friend of someone who is black; let's celebrate and uplift each other today. Support black businesses, eat good food from black owned establishments, continue to social distance but never stop spreading love.

For today, I am offering a discount on all of the artwork on my site using the code "Juneteenth" !

As always, I appreciate my supporters immensely!


Joia B.