Hortus Pulcher

Hello All!

I know it's been a while since I've updated the site or posted any new work. I've been taking time a way to learn a new skill and stay inspired during this time. Since July, I have had the pleasure of creating a piece using beautiful photographs from womyn with different body types. I am so used to working from live models, so it was truly a blessing to have that support and participation from them to create a work of art that was authentic and a reflection of their beauty as individuals.

I decided to name the piece "Hortus Pulcher" which translates to 'Beautiful Garden' in Latin. If have been following me and my work, you know that I love the Latin language as it is beautiful on its own. I usually name some of my series work using Latin translations. I decided on the name Beautiful Garden because the piece is a reflection of just that. The nude figure back in ancient times was a symbol of beauty for men only, often referring to the male nude as 'kouros'. In this piece, I wanted to visually bring to life the sensuality, softness, and power that the female nude displays in all of its forms. No matter what your body type is, what your skin color is, there is beauty and power in the creation that is YOU.

Choosing to paint the figures in vibrant colors instead of their normal skin tones is partially due to my own personal surrealist style as an artist and also just that want and desire for inclusion amongst all people regardless of your demographic. I 'entangled' the figures with my favorite plants: Majesty Palm, Peace Lily, and Mother-In-Law's Tongue to bring that connection that beauty in nature and amongst people are one in the same. I added specs of gold to the vine like plants that surround the figures to illustrate divinity.

Every brush stroke and the amount of time spent creating this piece was empowered by intention. The color choice for each body was completely random and a spur of the moment decision after viewing each body and how I wanted to depict each of these beautiful beings.

Hortus Pulcher, 2020.

This painting was created using Acrylic paint and my special tiny detailed brushes. I will have prints of this piece available on the site very soon.

I hope you enjoy the vibrant colors and the overall composition as I enjoyed thoroughly creating this beautiful work of art.

Thank you immensely to all of my supporters! If you have time, please comment your thought below.

Love Always,

Joia B.