Max DeMulder's "Emotions of Injustice"

Featured Artist: Max DeMulder, Silver Spring, MD

Max DeMulder’s ‘Emotions of Injustice’, a series of sketches are based on personal experiences and encounters with like-minded individuals in the heat of injustice. This series gives us a personal connection to the activists and visionaries’ plans of a better future and dealings with the harsh realities of 2020. Max’s sketching style takes you on a journey of what it is like to come across a visual journal, allowing a different perspective from ballads to barricades. Mostly done in pen and ink, Max articulates a powerful message without the need or use of color, which dictates the narrative in a straightforward and presumptuous way indicative of direct action. If you have the means, you have the responsibility to act!

“Community Garden After The Fall” -Pen & Ink

“Free The People, Fight The Power” -Pen & Ink

“Riot Girl” -Pen & Ink

“Helicopter Overshadows The Day” -Pen & Ink

“Consumer Cart” -Pen & Ink

“Comrades In Arms” -Pencil

“March of The Plague Doctor” -Pen & Ink

To keep up with Max and their work, follow them on instagram and @max_mav3n.

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