The Saville Gallery Opening

A dream come true this weekend, my work is in an actually art gallery. I was all of nervous, excited, and humbled about the entire experience. I love exhibiting work because it is amazing to me the connections that people build with my work. I’ve had people come up to me and describe my mind to me in ways I thought that only I understood. To connect with my work is truly the way to connect with me and I am so proud of that. Art has always been sort of a diary for me or a gateway into my personal experiences, trauma, and life’s bittersweet lessons.

The Saville Gallery’s Artists Echoes exhibit is truly beautiful and has the most vibrant works of art I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing in a long time.

I couldn’t help from being all smiles all throughout.

Here are some awkward photos of me and beautiful photos of the gallery.

Thank you to my supporters for seeing me through this journey!

Much Love,

Joia B.